Weapons are the main source for a battle in Raze series. All of them have unique properties that gives advantages over other weapons.

One of the main differences is the origins, where human weapons are more squared and has generic colors, while alien weapons are the opposite of them. 


Name Technology Clip size
Magnum T2 Human

8 per load

max. capacity: 136 (17 clips)

Bio Uzi Alien

100%=9 dual shots/18 shots (~6% per shot)

max. capacity: 162 (9 clips)

Assault Rifle Human

30 per load

max. capacity: 270 (9 clips)

Zapper Alien

max load: 100% 

22 seconds of constant fire

Flame Shotgun Human

4 per load

max. capacity: 36 (9 clips)

Sniper Rifle Human

5 per load

max capacity: 25 (5 clips)

Railgun Alien

100%=3 shots (~33% per shot)

max. capacity: 12 shots

Plasma Grenade Launcher Alien

10 per load

max. capacity: 154 (15 clips+4 grenades)

Ice Chaingun Alien max. load: 400
Rocket Launcher Human

3 per load

max. capacity: 15 rockets

Raze 2Edit


Name Technology Special Clip size
M9 Barrett Human Crotchshot+ 18/x9
Plasma Pistol Alien Homing 14/x9
Ripper Human Multi-shot 18/x9
Golden Mauser Human Credits+ 12/x9

Side ArmEdit

Name Technology Special Clip size
Uzi Human None 28/x2
Magnum Human Headshot++ 6/x2
Burst Torch Alien Fire+ 10/x2
Photon Blaster Alien Multi-shot 18/x2
Vamp Charger Unknown Lifesteal 20/x2

Close RangeEdit

Name Technology Special Clip size
Shotgun Human Multi-shot 4/x2
Plasma Shot Alien Multi-shot 12/x2
Zapper Alien Laser 100/x2
Terminator Human Multi-shot 5/x2
Particle Cannon Alien Fire/Multi 5/x2


Name Technology Special Clip size
Assault Rifle Human None 24/x2
Bubble Blaster Alien Homing 20/x2
Precision Laser Alien Critical++ 24/x2
Hail Storm Human Bounce 100/x1
Assault Bouncer Human Bounce/Fire 14/x2

Long RangeEdit

Name Technology Special Clip size
.50 Cal Sniper Human Headshot+ 4/x2
Railgun Human Pierces 3/x2
Pulsator Alien Splash 5/x2
Holy Grail Alien Fire 1/x5
Electro Bolt Alien Arcs 6/x2


Name Technology Special Clip size
Laser Minigun Human Huge Clip 100/x1
Shredder Human Burrows 12/x2
Focus Beam Alien Laser 70/x2
Destroyer Alien None 10/x2
Flamethrower Human Fire++ 100/x2


Name Technology Special Clip size
Rocket Launcher Human None 3/x2
Ion Cannon Human Fire 6/x2
Grenade Launcher Alien Sticky 8/x2
Ice Hunter Human Homing 5/x2
Acid Hound Alien None 24/x1
Credit Cannon Unknown Credit Drain /x
Frozen Death Human Homing 14/x5

Raze 3Edit

Side Arm[1]Edit

Name Technology Special Clip size Unlock requirements
M9 Barret Human None 18/54 max. Free
M22 Lusa Human Autofire 20/60 max. 1 star; 750c
Punisher Human Headshot++, Crotchshot++, Buttshot++ 6/18 max. 14 stars; 1000c
Kite Human Headshot++, Crotchshot++, Buttshot++ 6/18 max. 25 stars; 1250c
Vamp Charger Unknown Hurts-self 6/18 max. 37 stars; 1500c
Photon Blaster Alien Headshot++, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+, Burstfire, Homing 12/36 max. 49 stars; 1750c
Hand Cannon Alien Multi-shot 9/27 max. 60 stars;2000c
Early Retirement Human Headshot++, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+, Burstfire 3/9 max. Premium Content
Golden Gun Human None 5/15 max. Premium Content


Name Technology Special Clip size Unlock requirements
Assault Rifle Human None 28/84 max. Free
Bubble Blaster Alien None 15/45 max. 5 stars; 750c
Assault Bouncer Human None 15/45 max. 16 stars; 1000c
Hail Storm Human Huge Clip, Homing 200/0 max. 28 stars; 1250c
Devastator Human Huge Clip 200/0 max. 39 stars; 1500c
Acid Cannon Alien Explosive, Huge Clip 100/0 max. 50 stars; 1750
AAR Alien Multi-Shot 30/90 max. 62 stars; 2000c
Jack Rifle Human Multi-Shot 30/90 max. 69 stars; 2250c
Chain Gun Human Multi-shot, Huge Clip 70/210 max. Premium Content
Bumblebee Unknown Burrows, Burst Fire, Homing 30/90 max. Premium Content

Close RangeEdit

Name Technology Special Clip size Unlock requirements
Shotgun Human Multi-shot 4/12 max. Free
NV Human Multi-shot 4/12 max. 7 stars; 750c
Burster Alien Multi-shot, Fire+, Human damage+ 4/12 max. 18 stars; 1000c
Zapper Alien Huge Clip, EMP+ 200/600 max. 30 stars; 1250c
Terminator Human Multi-shot 6/18 max. 42 stars; 1500c
Blunderbuss Human Multi-shot, Homing 4/12 max. 53 stars; 1750c
Blaster Human Multi-shot 8/24 max. 65 stars; 2000c
Flamethrower Human Huge clip, Fire+ 200/0 max. 71 stars; 2250c
Sledgehammer Unknown Burrows, Multi-shot 3/9 max. Premium Content
Precog Unknown Multi-shot, Burstfire 8/24 max. Premium Content

Long RangeEdit

Name Technology Special Clip size Unlock requirements
.50 Cal Human Headshot+, Vision+ 5/15 max Free
Pulsator Alien Headshot+, Pierces, Vision+ 8/24 max. 10 stars; 750c
DMR Human Headshot++, Burstfire 12/36 max. 20 stars; 1000c
Barracuda Alien EMP+, Fire+ 8/24 max. 32 stars; 1250c
Shocker Alien Crotchshot+, Buttshot+, Pierces, EMP+, Vision++ 4/12 max. 44 stars; 1500c
Railgun Human Headshot++, Crotchshot++, Buttshot++ 6/18 max. 55 stars; 1750c
Barret Human Headshot+, Vision+ 2/6 max. 66 stars; 2000c
Holy Grail Alien Vision++ 1/1 max. 72 stars; 2250c
Gauss Rifle Human None 3/9 max. Premium Content
Tubular Unknown Multi-shot 4/12 max. Premium Content


Name Technology Special Clip size Unlock requirements
Rocket Launcher Human Explosive 3/3 max. Free
Shredder Human Explosive, Buttshot++, Burrows 6/6 max. 12 stars; 750c
Grenade Launcher Human Explosive 12/12 max. 23 stars; 1000c
Thumper Mk V Human Explosive 4/4 max. 34 stars; 1250c
Accelerator Alien Explosive 4/4 max. 47 stars; 1500c
Rapid Rocket Human Explosive, Burstfire, Homing 9/9 max. 30 stars; 1750c
Eggplant Alien Explosive, Burrows 3/3 max. 68 stars; 2000c
Flare Gun Human Explosive, Multi-shot 3/3 max. 73 stars; 2250c
Fishbones Human Explosive, Fire+ 3/3 max. Premium Content
Dream Launcher Unknown Explosive, Multi-shot, Homing 3/3 max. Premium Content

References Edit

  1. Using the mod Fiesta will grant the player a limited side weapon, except if placed in the first slot, which is defined as infinite.

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