Sweep and Clear:The Dinasty of Snowden,the creator of Club Penguin and the almighty Lord of The SnowEdit

Chapter 1:Cicada 3301Edit


Doge,the most skillful emerald trader.

Sweep and Clear is the current and the most used place for emerald trading.

The most known trader is Doge,helped by Santa and his punk friends.

Chapter 2:Club PenguinEdit

Descărcare (1)

Pikachu,the most iconic Pokemon was aleardy catched by the Wrecking Ball fever.

Club Penguin is the site made for kids,by Snowden(Frankly,mostly his wife and his Yeti pet,Jordan) to learn little brains how to hack the NSA and protect their Pokemons from being caught by the Wrecking Ball fever.

Chapter 3:Snowden in the snowEdit


Even though hard,we managed to find a Snowden in it's natural habitat.

Snowden is the former leader of Cicada 3301,a company that often sells drugs to the My Little Pony fans.

During his leadership,he has achieved the most important goal: Making people eat Slippery Eel.He achieved that by sending a group of spy goats packed in an envelope to the President of the World,Morgan Freeman.He then influenced Obama into making peace with the seafish.


  • This post has got three photos,Half Life 3 = confirmed

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