Robots are one of the 4 character races in the Raze series, the other three being Humans, Aliens, and Zombies. Normally, Robots fight on the Human side of the conflict, providing Human characters with extra support, while providing the Aliens with an extra enemy.


In the Human campaign, robots first appear in the tutorial mission, acting as targets for the Player during weapons training. In the Alien campaign, robots provide support to the Human enemies.

There are five Robot skins for the Player to choose from in their profile. The Player can also customize their appearance using separate Robot parts.

Raze 2Edit

Robots have the same behavior as in the first Raze, providing training and support for the Human characters.

The Robot skins in Raze 2 have names of their own, which are as follows:

  • Desert Bot
  • Space Bot
  • Mining Bot
  • Snow Bot
  • Jungle Bot

Raze 3Edit

The Robot skins in Raze 3 are as follows:

  • Mrk-Angel
  • A-133 Killer
  • Sentry Bot
  • Terminator T-14
  • Mrk-21


  • The Sentry Bot skin in Raze 3 is modeled after the B1 Battle Droid from the Star Wars universe.
  • The Mrk-21 skin in Raze 3 is modeled after the Geth from the Mass Effect universe.

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