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Raze 3 is a  flash game made by Sky 9 games and is a sequel to Raze 2. It was released on July 10.

Description Edit

Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight Aliens, Zombies and Robots to save the earth. Or become the enemy and fight to destroy it.

Story Edit


Levels Edit


1. New Recruits

2. The Cleanup

3. Old Friends

4. Strange Discovery

5. Freedom

6. Day of the Dead

7. Flight 815

8. Skyfall

9. Wreakage

10. Sniper Support

11. The Lab

12. Nightfall

13. Abduction

14. Armageddon

15. David and Goliath


1. The Beginning

2. Cleansing

3. Last Push

4. Hold your Ground

5. T-14 Terminator

6. Initialization



9.Crash Site

10.Computer Virus

11.Rightfully Ours


13.Offensive Strike

14.Final Phase

15.Time Warp

Updates Edit

May 9 2014 :Raze 3 is announced

June 7,2014 :Weapons,customization,Heads up Display,New credit system is shown

June 23,2014:The game is said to be completed and was going to be released on notdoppler and Armor games on thursday

June 26,2014:The game is postponed to July 3,2014

July 3,2014:The game is postponed to July 10,2014

July 10,2014: The game is released on Notdoppler and Armor games

Trailer Edit

Trivia Edit

-Raze 3 is known as the laggiest installment of the Raze series (arguably the laggiest of ALL of sky 9 games' games), but understandably so. It is a complex program with complex graphics. However an average PC on Google Chrome receives regular lag spikes that can last several full seconds, even with all in-game settings optimised to run as fast as possible. Sky9Games has made no official announcement regarding the lag, nor have they said anything about a future update that would optimise the program's performance.

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