Raze 2

Raze 2

Raze 2 is the second game in the Raze series and is the sequel to Raze. You play as Raze soldier trying to save humanity. The player has the option to save humanity or try destroy it. The game was released on 15th September 2011. There are more weapons, more features that was absent from the previous game. It was made by AddisonR and JuiceTin. It's sequel is Raze 3.

Description Edit

Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons, equipment, and fight off alien forces and save the human race. Or become an enemy and fight for its destruction

Story Edit

Human Campaign

The story begins with the Raze Soldier coming out of stasis and meeting Johnny Rockit. Rockit quickly informs the player that a missile has hit the city before teaching Raze the basics. They clear their way through blockade, only for a group of aliens to attack. The duo manage to fight off the attackers. The headquarters then send the duo into a quarantinedor survivors from the military ship Echo-1. There, Rockit and Raze find the place crawling with the undead left behind from the first invasion. The two are overwhelmed, but manage to fend off the zombies until they are rescued. They are equipped with flamethrowers and sent back in and do much better this time. They find Captain Biggs, a survivor, and rescue him.

In a flashback, it was revealed that the Aliens fired on the Echo-1 and sent it crashing to the nearby planet although the Echo-1 manage to knock out the aliens too. There, Biggs and some transport bots are attacked by the aliens. The Captain and the robots defeat the aliens and Biggs notices a group of artifacts in the debris. As he was unable to fit the artifacts into the escape pod, he hid them on the ship and headed towards Earth in the pod.

Realising the aliens are only attacking because they think the humans have the artifacts, Rockit and Raze are sent to retrieve the artifacts and return them to the aliens. The transport bots however, fail to recognize them and attack but Rockit and Raze destroy them and take the artifacts. However, the headquarters want to study the artifacts before returning them and raze is put in charge of showing the new recruits 'how it's done' by playing a game of Juggernaught with the training robots. Raze wins and is complimented on his skill by everyone. 

Meanwhile, the underwater facility testing the artifacts is discovered by the aliens, whom send in some aliens and zombies to retrieve the artifacts. The humans, not wanting to return the artifacts before their true potential has been revealed, send Rockit and Raze to defend the facility with two security bots. The four defeat the aliens. The humans discover that the artifacts are force field generators and send them up north for more testing.

The humans soon discover that the Aliens are building ships in ship yards they constructed in the desert. Raze, Rockit and two new recruits head over there. The two recruits, Md. Sage, Ex. Treem, Rockit and Raze have a contest to see who can rack up the most kills. Raze wins but collapses from the zombie virus soon after. The recruits see it as a shame for a good soldier to be wasted soon like that and wishes hopefully that Raze can defeat the aliens before he succumbs to the virus.

The Aliens manage to track down the artifacts once again but when Rockit, Treem, Sage and Raze head over, they find no signs of any aliens. However, it is revealed that it was an ambush set up by the Aliens, who used cloaking technology to hide. The surprised team is attacked but after a tough fight manages to fight off the Aliens and secure the artifacts. The scientists soon realise that a group of meteors are heading for Earth, large and dense enough to wipe out anything in their path. The scientists guess that the Aliens need the artifacts to protect their own planet but the artifacts, placed in four locations, can generate a force field powerful enough to block the meteors. The humans then decide that their survival is most important and decide to keep it for their own salvation, willing to go to war over them.

The humans soon lose contact with the ship yards. Raze is sent over alone as his team is busy. There he finds that the Alien Commander has killed everyone there and attacks Raze, mocking and taunting him as well as urging him to surrender as Earth is doomed. Raze finds it difficult to battle against the Commander, who can teleport fast enough to dodge sniper rounds. After an arduous battle, the Commander is defeated and flees.

Raze is sent alone to place the first artifact in a mine in South Africa. Although outnumbered, Raze is able to fend off the zombies infesting the mines long enough for his teammates to show up and help him place down the artifact and kill off every single zombie in the mine. The second artifact is placed in the underwater facility but the Aliens and some zombies attack the lab to reclaim the artifact. Raze, Rockit, Sage and a security bot fight the threat, but Treem - who has a phobia of water - cannot assist the team. After a long fight, the team kills off every attacker and secures the artifact. The Aliens find the first artifact once more and attack the mines, where Treem, Sage, Rockit, Raze and two security bots fight off the huge amount of aliens desperate to retrieve the artifact. In the chaos that ensues, the aliens are defeated and the artifact is safe.

The humans head over to the north to place the third artifact. There, Raze begins to mutate, becoming stronger and tougher to kill. The team fights well against the aliens, but the Commander shows up again and overwhelms the team as none of them except Raze can get a clear hit on him. After an extremely difficult battle, the Aliens flee and the third artifact is secured. The fourth artifact has taken damage and needs to be amplified in the testing dome. Raze finally succumbs to the virus and mutates, becoming 5x harder to kill. The team fights against three Alien Commanders and in the skirmish, two of the Commanders perish but Treem, Sage and Rockit all die, stating that it was a pleasure working with Raze as their last words. Raze faces off against the Commander as the meteors head for Earth, only minutes from impact. Just as the meteors are about to hit, Raze just manages to defeat his foe. The force field activates in time and blocks the meteor strike and Earth is saved. Or is it?

Levels Edit

As with the first game, Raze 2 has fifteen levels.

Level 1: Breaking In Edit

Level 2: Survivor Look out

Level 3: Sweep and Clear

level 4: Cause and Effect

level 5: Retrieval

level 6: New Recruits

level 7: Hold the fort

level 8: My first mission

level 9: Shocking Discovery

level 10: Strange Encounter

level 11: Trapped

level 12: Disposal

Level 13: Reclaimed

Level 14: Mutation

Level 15: Final Deployment

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