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Raze 2

Raze 2

Raze 2 is the second game in the Raze series and is the sequel to play as Raze soldier trying to save humanity.the player has the option to save humanity or try destroy it.The game was released on 15th September 2011.There are more weapons,more features that was absent from the previous was made by Addison and Juice's sequel is Raze 3

Description Edit

Arm yourself with a vast array of weapons,equipment,and fight off alien forces and save the human race.or become an enemy and fight for its destruction

Story Edit

The story starts with the Raze soldier released from the statis by humans to repel the alien Invasion.The game's tutorial begins.Johnny Rockit gives the player the basic controls.when suddely a missile hits and aliens comes out of nowhere and the player begins to fight. After the mission,the player is sent to a destroyed city to fight off the roaming zombies,then the player looks for any survivors in the same place the survivor turns out to be Cpt.Biggs,1 week earlier a ship has crashed so the player play as captain Biggs to relive the events that caused the ship to crash,then the player finds that aliens had crashed tthe ship for the artifacts the captain needs to warn the people of earth about it ,So after the captain tells the story about the crash the base needs to train new recruits with security bots,after training the research facility is under attack the player needs to guard the place while the scientists research into the power of the artifacts.then alien shipyards had been discovered in the desert manufacturing alien carriers.the player needs to kill many aliens as possible,then the player is revealed to the alien commander who wants to destroy the earth the player fights him for real good.the scientists find what is the use of the artifacts it is used as a shield to protect the earth from meteors,the player should place the first artifact in south Africa,then the second artifact is already placed in the research facility,the aliens are trying to remove the first artifact the player must return to the first location and stop it,while placing the third artifact the player is turning into zombie then the final battle begins the player has mutated into half zombie and has 500+ health and 300+ armor Johnny Rockit dies and only the Raze soldier is left,the player kills the alien commander and stop the meteor from attacking the earth the earth is saved and the alien campaign is unlocked

Levels Edit

Raze 2 has 15 levels same as Raze they are

level 1:Breaking In Edit

level 2 :Survivor look out

level 3: Sweep and Clear

level 4:Cause and effect

level 5:Retrieval

level 6:New recruits

level 7:Hold the fort

level 8:My first mission

level 9:Shocking discovery

level 10:Strange encounter

level 11:Trapped

level 12:Disposal

level 13:Reclaimed

level 14:Mutation

level 15:Final deployment

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