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Pvt. Morley is an ally in the Raze 1 and Raze 2 Campaigns. He is seen in levels 2,3,9,11,12,13, and 14. He is part of the Elite Raze Task Force as un

Skins raze 2 covert ops by anthonygarner-d4hg5dk

Pvt.Morley as seen holding a magnum

veiled in Raze 2. His fate unlike Cpt. Simmons and Pvt. Richards and Pvt. Miller (who died in Raze 1) is to escape the zombie plague and continue the struggle with J.Rockit, Md.Sage, Ex Treem And the Raze Soldier.

Military HistoryEdit

Pvt.Morley was a Soldier in Raze 1 and 2, who was part of the squad that accompanied the Raze Soldier including Pvt.Miller, Sgt.Johnson, Cpt.Simmons and Pvt.Richards, Known and respected for his outgoing personality and Constant humour on the battlefield.He followed and served the Raze Team, When the Aliens attempted to end the Raze Team's mission by releasing the zombie Virus, Morley was seperated from him and escaped, while The raze soldier Defended Himself against the Zombified squad. He may die in the Last level but can be saved if all the aliens are killed before he is. 

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