Punisher Stats
Origin: Human
Weapon Type: Side Arm
Special: Headshot++, Crotchshot++, Buttshot++
Unlocked with: 14 Stars
Price: 1000c

"High powered revolver. Extremely Accurate, extremely deadly"
―In-game descrption

The Punisher is a magnum featured in Raze 3.


The Punisher is one of the available magnums that can be unlocked after the M22 Lusa.

While it is slow, is a good weapon, since can devastate an unarmored enemy with 3-4 shots at the body or even 2 if hits over weakpoints. Although posseses huge recoil, is very accurate, as when the weapon recovers, the reticule becomes small again, being a useful option for a long range assault.

Upgrades (abilities)Edit

Punisher Upgrades (Effects)
Barrel Ammo Grip Price
Muzzle Break

Armor Piercing

(Robot Damage+)

Steady Grip 285c
Heated Barrel


Hollow Point

(Human Damage+)

Two Hands



Auto Barrel



(Alien Damage+)

Hyper Grip



Corrosive Tip

(Zombie Damage+)


Phosphorus Coat




  • The Punisher appears to be based on the Diamond Back .357 from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
  • Despite its description which states the Punisher is a revolver, the Punisher is actually loaded via box magazines. This is quite visible when reloading.

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