Kill bonuses are a special feature of Raze 3. They can be unlocked by killing a specific enemy, or killing any enemy in a specific way. Each bonus grants extra credits when performed in battle, and unlocked bonuses can be viewed from the "Kill Bonuses" menu.

Bonus Credit Reward Description
Headshot! 10
Crotch Shot! 12
Butt Shot! 30
Assassin! 25
Surprise! 20
Direct Hit! 7
Splish Splash! 12
Spree Ender! 25
Reflection! 10
Juggerkill! 37
Show Stopper! 25
Slasher! 10
Hot Hot Hot! 5
Haunted! 12
Kill Steal! 5
Disco Inferno! 7
Capture King! 12
Defender! 12
Juiced! 5
Rad! 5
Slevanator! 5
Speed Shot! 12
Show Off! 12
What Shield? 12
What Was That? 30
Sticky Icky! 2
Off Da Wall! 5
Homeward! 2
Day Tripper! 2
Looper! 2
Disabled! 30

Trivia Edit

  • There are 35 kill bonuses in total

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