Ghost is one of the leading characters in Raze 3. She acts as the sniper for the Raze team in the Human campaign.

Description Edit

Ghost is a Caucasian female probably in her early 20's. She has shoulder-length blonde hair, and wears either a very dark brown or dark green armor with a cloth hood and night vision/thermal goggles. As a Sniper, she specializes in long-range weapons such as the Punisher, DMR,.50 Cal, Holy Grail (Raze 3) and Pulsator as well as the Stealth Camo ability. This also makes Ghost the Human with the most pieces of Alien Equipment, which consists of half her gear.

Personality-wise, Ghost seems to be the most level-headed member of the team, keeping herself calm and staying focused on the mission. Her intuition helps her see things her teammates wouldn't, such as the Harvester being responsible for the tremors in the Aliens' underground city. Ghost also seems to be the most secretive member of the team, as she kept her true identity hidden from her teammates until the very end of the Human campaign, when she reveals herself after saving the Player from the Alien Leader.

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