Electro Bolt
Electro Bolt
Electro Bolt stats




Long Range




3400 cr

Electro Bolt is an Alien Long Range weapon in Raze 2.


The Electro Bolt is a very useful weapon in Raze 2. In the right hands, this weapon can be devastating. Unfortunately, it can be somewhat innaccurate sometimes; it is best used at medium range.


To fully utilize this weapons power, make sure you aim for the head. If you land a solid hit to anywhere from the stomach to head, the shot should deal a lot of damage. Shielded enemies can be fallen with a headshot, but not very often. Try to pair the Electro Bolt with the "Double Damage" power-up in harder missions or Quickmatches for quick, easy kills.

The reload time is a little slow, and the time the gun takes between seperate shots in the same clip can spell trouble in crowded areas. Take cover when reloading and jump around a lot. A moving target is much harder to hit.


  • As the game description states, it is a modified version of the original Railgun (Raze).

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