7 Barret




Long Range





"When you're spooning this gun, you could kill a building."-Description

The Barret is a sniper rifle featured in Raze 3.


The Barret is the most powerful non-premium Human sniper rifle in Raze 3. It possesses extremely high damage, accuracy, and range, and is capable of killing most enemies with only one or two well-placed shots. However, it suffers from a slow firing rate and a very small magazine capacity, and its large size makes it cumbersome to use in close quarters.

Upgrades (effects)Edit

Sight Barrel Clip Price
6x Scope Muzzle Break Bullet Feeder 495c
12x Scope

Heated Barrel

(Headshot+, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+)

Extended Clip 540c

Iron Sights

(The default Vision+ bonus is lost when equipping this upgrade)

Conservative Double Clip 585c
Power Barrel Spaz (Autofire) 630c


  • Despite its name, the Barret does not appear to be based off any of the real-life Barrett sniper rifles. However, the squared look seems to represent their squared sniper rifle series.
  • The Barret seems to bear some resemblance to the StA61 Vultur sniper rifle from Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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