1 Assault Rifle
Assaul Rifle









"High grade assault rifle, combining speed and accuracy. A favorite among soldiers in the field"-Description

The Assault Rifle is the first automatic weapon featured in Raze 3.


Without upgrades, the Assault Rifle is a low damage weapon, in fact it has the lowest damage of all automatic weapons in-game. It comes with 28-round magazine and maximum ammunition of 84. Assault Rifle is a pretty accurate weapon at close to medium range, but it's not recommended to use the weapon for long range, as projectiles will spread along distances. What makes it superior that it has the highest rate of fire, on par with Bubble BlasterAcid Cannon and Chain Gun.

Upgrades (effects)Edit

Sight Barrel Grip Price

6x Scope


Silencer Grip 180c

12x scope


Conservative Magnetic 210c

Target Aquisitor

(Headshot+, Crotchshot+, Buttshot+)

Power Barrel Ergonomic 240c

LED Sight


Double Shot


Memory Foam 270c


  • The Assault Rifle appears to be based on the FR-27 S.F.R. (Sanction Flechette Rifle) from Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It also bears a resemblance to the BR85N from Halo 5: Guardians, minus the optic.
  • Its FrameLabel name is AR51.

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